Miss Betul 2022
Winner is Geetanjali Singh

मेरी उड़ान मेरी पहचान

About The Event

About The Event

Are you dreaming about a career in modeling & want to be a national Icon?

Start your journey with us today .

"Miss Betul 2023" is much more than a beauty contest check about section for more Information .

Winner will be Getting work contract from 'Miss Betul Event ' cash prizes, Media Coverage and A lot of Gift from Sponsors. Read more


  1. Bhainsdehi
  2. Athner
  3. Aamla
  4. Shahpur
  5. Sarni
  6. Chicholi
  7. Betul
  8. Multai
The final round of Miss Betul will be held in Betul. Read more


It still feels like a dream when I rewind the journey of winning the title Miss Betul. I always had a dream of flauting myself on stage with my heels high.

Everytime i Watch shows on screen, it gives me goosebumps as if I'm there I'm a person who gets ready anytime just to click tons of pictures and go nowhere.

Taking this as passion was always challenging as people used to make fun and we belong to a society where this could be only time pass and not a career at all.

While passing the childhood, turning 17 made me realise that i can be an air hostess with keeping my passion of modelling alive. One fine day one of my school friend randomly sent me a post on Miss Betul pageant via Instagram; which made my heart beat skipped for a while..

I forward this to my elder sister, who always believed that I could make a career in this. And that was the time when she challenged me and said " and here you got the opportunity to show yourself ".

My first win was getting an aproval from my father as I come from a family to serve government. Not just he approved for what I want to do but also supported and stood there with me on every challenging level.

I researched all about miss Betul pageant before getting registered online for my first audition round. There was a strong thought in me that winning this title is a challenge but moreover I want to win my confidence and step out of my comfort shoes.

Getting spread all over the social media my friends and families got to know about me being in competition and suprisingly all were there to support me. I groomed myself with many YouTube videos and search engines.

With all the efforts and learnings I was able to face every challenge and getting closer to my dreams..
Recalling my day of winning with the announcement of being FIRST MISS BETUL 2021 still gives me goosebumps.


The day of pride when for the very first time my parents were on stage sharing my winning trophy. I still can't forget my father's face which was filled with both tears and proud.

My happiness was on cloud nine for winning the title and making everyone around me proud.
I'm grateful to everyone who supported my journey as if it was their own. Their wishes and messages have always boosted my confidence that yes, I can do it .

This journey had given me lots of learnings, confidence, experience , friends, discipline, purity of thoughts, responsibility, respect and love from whole district.

After winning the title i am getting photoshoot and short movie offers. I am still on my way to spread love and happiness , most importantly to be me.

I believe it is important to remind yourself every single day the reason you want to achieve your aim and be self driven.
That is what brings you closer to your dream and goals. So this was my journey till the crown of MISS BETUL 2021 and a title holder of MISS TALENTED 2021.

Miss. Nitu Dounde

Nitu Dawade(Miss Betul 2021)

Season-1 Winner

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Season 2 Winners

  • गीतांजली सिंह -Miss Betul 2022 (Winner)
  • पलक कोड़ले - 1st Runner-up 2022
  • दिव्यांशी साहू - Second Runner-up 2022
  • अंकिता कापसे - Miss Popliar & Inspirational 2022
  • नैना पन्नम - Miss Elegant 2022
  • सिमरन पवार - Miss Talented 2022
  • दीक्षा मन्नासे - Miss Glamorou's 2022
  • प्रकृति वट्टी - Miss Stylish 2022
  • हर्षा कुमरे - Miss Desirable 2022
  • पलक कोड़ले - Miss Perfect 2022
  • केसर राज - Miss Sensational 2022
  • दीपिका ठाकुर - Miss Fashionable 2022
  • सरिता शाष्त्री - Miss Confident 2022
  • प्रांजल टेकाम- Miss shining star 2022
  • मुस्कान हजारे - Miss Beautiful 2022

Season 1 Winners

  • Nitu Dounde -Miss Betul 2021 (Winner)
  • Tanushree soni-Miss Betul 1st Runner-up 2021
  • Gayatri Choudhary -Miss Betul 2nd Runner-up 2021
  • Aisha Digarse -Miss Shining star 2021
  • Manisha Sahu -Miss Beautiful 2021
  • Palak kodle-Miss Glamour's 2021
  • Roshani Deshmukh-Miss Desirable 2021
  • Sonali Harsule-Miss Perfect 2021
  • Naina Shivankar-Miss Sensational 2021
  • Sheetal Mahobiya-Miss Fashionable 2021
  • Nitu dounde -Miss Talented 2021
  • Shivani Pal -Miss Confident 2021
  • Ritika Pankar-Miss Stylish 2021

Registration Process

The registration is open from 26th June 2023 to next instruction.
Miss Betul registration is open for un- married girls only and the age group allowed is 16 years to 24 years.

I. You have to fill the free online Registation, for registration. Click Here (We do not charge any registration fee)

II. Our expert & jury panel of the city will judge images uploaded by you.

III. If Juries likes you, you get a WhatsApp or SMS from our team that you have been shortlisted for the city event and we send you all the details which includes the location for the training session of the city event, including the venue for the main event of the show in your city.

IV. Once you get the selections SMS / WhatsApp it means you have been selected as a finalist of the city and you need to pay the fees to proceed further.

(1. The selection is done on the basis of picture uploaded , rampwalk and online introduction, so in case you have uploaded a fake image/video or heavily edited image/video, you will be rejected on the first day of the pre-event, however a full refund of your fees will be provided to you.
2. SMS and email will be sent from our mobile number and email. Our mobile number is +91-9424090306 and email id is missbetul48@gmail.com. Now you can check daily basis updates on our portal http://missbetul.ieaws.org.in)

V. We only charge fees to the finalist of the show and not all the registrations.

VI. In some cities we conduct auditions and we charge a small audition fee of Rs. 600/- for confirmation.

Bank Account Details are below:
Bank Account Number: 36025674771
IFSC. SBIN0006676
Now you can pay via a
Google Pay +91-9200705805
PhonePe +91-9200705805

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Betul, Madhya Pradesh

Location Details will update soon


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News Cutting of Miss Betul 2021

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Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 3

Miss Durga Panse

It is not important where you are from but what is important is where you are going.

Speaker 3

Mr. Manish Kumbhare

I personally believe to build a society with opportunity to the girls / woman as they can remake the world..

Speaker 3

Mr. Arun Kumar Sonare

A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong. This is your chance to make your way to prove yourself.

Speaker 3

Mr. Lokesh Adlak

हमारा उद्देश्य हमारे जिले की बेटियों की प्रतिभाओं का उभारना है गाँवो में बहुत सारी कलाएं छिपी है खासकर लड़कियों को अवसर ही नही मिलते है अपनी प्रतिभा दिखाने की हमारी कोशिश है Miss Betul के जरिये हम छुपी प्रतिभा निखार सके उन्हें एक मंच प्रदान करना है दिखाना की हमारा जिला हमारे गाँव भी किसी से कम नही है

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